Our mission is to host events that will turn the box into a never ending object of possibilities.
Below is a blurb of the events that we host:

Exploration (2009 –  present)
A diverse event with a large range of Underground Dance Music, Exploration started off as a free event at a local pub then it evolved into a 3 day underground multi genre outdoor event. The next Exploration is going back to our roots & providing a super low cost 12 hour party with music you rarely hear in the bush ...

Let’s Get Stupid (2012 – present)
An event originally focused on Happy Hardcore, UK Hardcore, Freeform & Hard Trance whilst randomly supporting other forms of Underground Dance Music, a series of free monthly events at a local pub was hosted in 2012. In 2013 & 2014 we hosted a 24 hour outdoor underground party which was an epic success. In 2015 we returned to the Clarendon Tavern & had Resist headline the party + went out bush again & brought Remane for his Sydney/NSW debut set then hosted a free river party, in 2016 we brought out Asylum (Leeroy & Cheeky B) for there debut sydney set. Mid 2016 we have decided to host Freeform events going forward due to the lack of Freeform at related events in sydney & done a 24 hour camping party + a few gigs at the valve bar, brought down Kounta Kulture, Zealous & Wovn for there debut sydney set. In 2018 we are planning a Camping Party with a International Freeform DJ/Producer.

Psychological Overdose (2014)
A underground Psy Trance outdoor party which is of great value for money, the first event featured Fender Bender from Israel :) we joined forces with Professor Purn for this one ...

Acid Dreamz (2012)
A random small scale doof event which occurred in 2012 :)

That Renegade Party (2012 – 2013)
A underground outdoor event with a large range of Underground Dance Music, which occurred on the same date as a mainstream festival in 2012/2013, we have decided not to host the event in the future due to the lack of support.

* Non Commercial Western Sydney was created by Dean Magro in 2009 by pure randomness & love.
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